1. Sounds great, where can we purchase your sauces and where can we find the nutritional information such as amount of sodium? There is no information on your web page.


    1. Hi Barbara! I should have our nutritional facts on our website – I am going to do that right away! I am happy to email you our panel on any/all of our sauces in the meantime – what is your email address? Thank you so much for your note!


  2. You did not answer where I can buy your sauces. I am in NY & my friend from Hickory, NC raved about your product.


  3. I love your Vegan Marinara sauce! I purchased a jar at the local farmers market but I was wondering if it would be more cost effective to order directly on your website rather than purchase an individual jar.


    1. Hi Hunter! You can find A map with all of the stores you can find us in on the find us page on our website. You can also find me at the South end farmers market today until noon. Let me know if you have any questions!


    1. HI Kaye,
      Thank you for your note. Our Mushroom Marinara is processed very similarly to our other sauces as directed by the NC Department of Agriculture. If you would like details, please don’t hesitate. Thank you!


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