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About Cannizzaro FamigliaUS!

Cannizzaro Famiglia Authentic Italian Sauces – from our kitchen to yours!

Melanie Cannizzaro-Tritten and her husband Andy decided it was time to share her marinara sauce with the world, not just friends and family who have been enjoying it for years. Born in Rochester,  NY, Melanie’s Italian heritage and culinary expertise brought her to making her famed marinara and a family of enjoyable and healthy recipes and sauces as well. Welcome to Cannizzaro Famiglia.  Cannizzaro Famiglia takes the old world Italian traditions to your kitchen through authentic sauce creations.

Using only the freshest ingredients and combining them with a lot of hard work and love, Cannizzaro Famiglia sauces come alive at your dinner table.  Hand Crafted in Charlotte, North Carolina, Cannizzaro Famiglia is producing a Marinara , Mushroom Marinara, Vodka, Arrabbiata, and a Vegan Marinara sauce.  The newest addition to the family is the Piccata Sauce!


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  1. Bryan Diliberto owns a company called Pro Chef based out of Mooresville. He would like to discuss a possible business opportunity in regards to your sauces. Would you please call him at your earliest convenience? 704-724-1908. Thank you.


  2. My son pick up you sauce because his mothers maiden name is Frances Cannizzaro. Her farther was Joseph and was born in Cindy Island NY. We may be related.


    1. Hello my name is David Cannizzaro from Brockton Mass. Grandson of giovanni and frances cannizzaro. Id love to order some sauce with our last name on it!


  3. Hello my name is David Cannizzaro of Brockton Mass. Grandson of giovanni and francis cannizzaro. Id love to purchase some sauce with our last name on it!


    1. Hi David! Great to “meet” you! I am Melanie Cannizzaro (now Tritten) from Rochester, NY – granddaughter of Lindsay & Mae Cannizzaro of Queens/Wantaugh, NY. You got it – there is a link to our online store on the website! We will get that right out to you. Thank you!


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