Charlotte Today 7/25/16 Grilling Pizzas!

Charlotte Today 7/25/16 – Grilling Pizzas!

It is finally cool enough to get back on the grill tonight!  Try our Grilled Pizzas!  We were on The Charlotte Today Show Monday demonstrating how fun and easy it is to make pizza on the grill – and it is fun for the whole family.  Check out our link and let us know how yours turn out!

Charlotte Today 7/25/16 Grilling Pizzas

While you are on the grill – try our recipe for stuffed banana peppers too.  You can stuff them, place them right on a cookie sheet, and place on the grill.  They should be done right when your pizzas are.  Don’t have banana peppers?  Try with jalapeno, cherry, or any other small pepper you have.  Enjoy!Stuffed Banana Peppers